The Black Tapware Trend – Is it a Fad?

Black Tapware Trend

There are many trends that come and go, but recently, the black tapware trend appears to be one that is here to stay. The good news is that best quality black tapware is now becoming more accessible than ever, with a wider range of styles and finishes to choose from.

While chrome is still the classic choice, below are some reasons you should consider giving black a go instead.

Benefits of black tapware

Whether it’s bathroom tapware, kitchen faucet, shower head or floor mounted bath filler tap, joining the matte black tapware trend can give your next home renovation the following benefits, because it:

  1. Provides amazing contrast – ever wonder why the classic black and white colours in a stylish suit or evening gown work so well? It’s because of the stark contrast in colours. Black tapware can form a striking feature in any room.
  2. Looks sleek and stylish – there’s just something about black on a contrasting neutral toned background that gives it a look of style and sophistication. It looks perpetually modern without trying too hard.
  3. Works well with most materials –  modern building materials work extremely well with black tapware, including marble, stone, ceramics and timber.
  4. Can match most colour schemes – compared to chrome, black can compliment many different bathroom or kitchen colour schemes. In many cases, it can allow you to be a little bolder with the wall colours.
  5. Is competitively priced to suit any budget – these days, there are many different makes, models and styles of black tapware at competitive price points.
  6. Resists fingerprints – it’s a common misconception that black shows up fingerprints easily. However, particularly matte black finishes are actually more resistant to fingerprints and staining than their chrome counterparts
  7. Can be used with other metal highlights – as the classic black tapware designs evolve, they are including other metal highlights. For instance you can now get black and chrome tapware, black and brass, and even black and gold tapware.

Problems with black tapware

Most problems with black tapware are confined to scratches, colour fading, watermarks and limescale.

Where possible, opt for double-coat electroplated black tapware as these tend to more scratch resistant than cheaper powder coated or painted options.

To stop colour fading, avoid using harsh cleaners on your black tapware. Occasional cleaning with mild soapy water and a microfiber cloth will help your tapware to retain is rich dark colour for many years to come.

As always, you usually get what you pay for, so don’t skimp on the budget when it comes time to choose the best black tapware for your home kitchen, bathroom or laundry. The right choice can be the perfect finishing touch to a new renovation.

So, is black tapware a fad?

The black tapware trend seems to be here to stay. Is it a fad? No, we don’t think so. When building homes for our clients, we are finding black to be a more and more popular choice these days. Because it is classic, stylish but not garish, its neutral tone would give any bathroom a timeless upgrade.

Do you need help with your next bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation or laundry renovation? Contact our team of builders who can help to walk you through the right choices for your home.