The Cost to Build an Ensuite Bathroom

Cost of building an ensuite bathroom

Many older homes in Australia have only a single bathroom. When purchasing or renovating these homes, building an additional ensuite bathroom can have enormous benefits. Not only is it functionally better to have an additional bathroom people can use, but it can also significantly add to the value of the house should you wish to sell at a later point.

Cost to build an ensuite

Converting interior space or building an extension outwards

When it comes to adding an extra bathroom, there are two options. If you have the interior space within the existing master bedroom you can convert some of it into an ensuite. Alternatively, where no or minimal interior space is present, an ensuite extension can be built into an external area such as the front or backyard. The latter option is usually more expensive as it involves extending the existing house roof and building new foundations and walls.

For the cheapest option, adding a bathroom in an existing wet area with existing plumbing, such as a laundry, might be the best choice. This is because one of the largest costs in installing an ensuite extension is in prepping and waterproofing the area, as well as installing new plumbing.

When opting for the extension route, it’s also important to factor in any council approval and permits required for the extension.

Adding ensuite to side of house

Working with small ensuite additions

If you only have a small space to work with, then the layout of the ensuite addition is crucial. Sinks, toilets and showers may have to be in quite close proximity to one another. You can also maximise the appearance of space by using mirrors, hidden toilet cisterns, light colours and wall hung vanities and cabinetry.

Adding an ensuite in a small space

Cost of an ensuite

The overall cost of an ensuite extension depends largely on the size, the materials and fittings. As a rough guide, an average ensuite extension will cost between $20,000 – $35,000.

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