Look around these days and you’ll see cookie cutter house designs on repeat all throughout the suburbs. It’s a great option if you want a basic dwelling. However, if you want your home to be an expression of your personal tastes, and be the envy of your friends and neighbours, you’ll need to look at custom built new homes.

A unique home builder

Custom built new homes

Whilst many builders claim to be custom home builders, you’ll find they really offer prefabricated custom homes that you can pick from a premade template, catalogue or magazine. At Bushewood Building Company, we are the true unique home builders for Perth and regional WA. We work hand in hand with you throughout the entire designing and building process. In the end you’ll end up with a one-of-a-kind complete custom home that no one else has. It all starts with a floor plan.

Custom floor plans

Custom floor plans

Most of our clients come to us with a custom floor plan from their architect or draftsman already. If this is the case, we can get to work building your architect designed home in very quick order. For those who are not yet at that stage, we can also assist in the design and drafting process. Contact us to arrange an initial site visit and consultation to discuss your initial ideas. We’ll work with you every step of the way before finalising the plans and commencing work on bringing your dream home to life.

Land size & terrain

Narrow lot home

When designing your home, the most important thing to consider is land size and topography. If you have plenty of flat open space you are really spoilt for choice. You could select a sprawling wide-winged Australian homestead with large rooms, high ceilings and wrap around verandahs.

If you are on a smaller block, you may decide to build an elaborate double story mansion. Narrow blocks can also pose their own challenges with smaller front facing facades. You may need to consider a build more suited to narrow lot home style in these instances.

Tricky terrain, such as a sloping, rocky or undulating block may cause you to consider an upside down house or a pole frame house.

No matter the size, shape or slope of your land, there are many styles of custom built new homes that can be found to suit your needs.

Custom home designs & styles

Luxury custom built home

While no two homes we build are ever the same, here are some of the styles of homes to consider when designing your new home:

  • Coastal Homes / Hamptons style
  • Californian bungalow
  • Industrial
  • Upside down houses
  • Loft homes
  • Mid-century modern
  • Country Homes / Australian homestead
  • Federation
  • Victorian
  • Pole frame homes
  • Timber frame homes

Prefabricated homes

If you decide to opt for a custom-built prefabricated home, we are experts in construction and can easily assemble your home to exacting standards, on time and on budget.

Custom renovations

Not looking for a complete build and instead wish to renovate part of an existing home? Find out more about our house extensions and home renovations.

Designer home