Owning a beautiful heritage home is like owning your own unique slice of Australian history. However, with it comes a greater responsibility, and the need comply with local rules governing what you can and can’t do when it comes to heritage home restoration and renovations.

In general, local and state governments deem heritage listed homes as being worthy of preserving their historical significance and vintage aesthetics for future generations.

Heritage home restoration
Heritage style homes

Can you renovate a heritage home?

The laws governing heritage home restorations vary from state to state and from council to council. If you know for sure that your home is heritage listed, it’s important to undertake proper research and enquire about your local councils requirements, prior to starting work.

General guidelines for heritage home restoration

The most common requirements when it comes to heritage building restorations are:

  • The front facing façade and rooms in the front of the home usually need to have their appearance preserved
  • Any repairs or restorations undertaken should use similar materials or parts from the same era and blend in with the old
  • You’ll usually need to stick with the same colour scheme as the original colour for the exterior.
  • Any new additions or rear extensions should retain the integrity of the old, but a clear separation between the two is usually required.

Generally, things that are allowed in heritage home renovation are:

  • Modern construction is usually permissible for rooms at the back of the property. Open plan living areas are usually allowed provided you have the right approvals from council.
  • Upgrades to utilities such as heating, cooling, gas, electricity, phones, internet and other modern essentials.
  • Modern renovations and improvements to kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas.

Things that are generally not allowed include:

  • changes to any street-visible façade
  • changes to the exterior colour scheme
  • replacing any exterior components with components which aren’t like for like from the era
  • changing the structure of the front rooms

Our heritage home builders can help

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If you own a heritage home in Perth, don’t stress about what you can and can’t do with it. At Bushewood Building Company we are experienced heritage home builders and restoration experts.

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All of our builders are carpenters by trade. If we can’t find a suitable replacement component that represents the historic era, we can craft one from scratch.

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