If you have a passion for wine that has grown beyond your current space, then it may be time to consider wine cellar renovations.

A properly built wine cellar can showcase your collection and be a great entertaining area for your dinner guests.

But more goes into a wine cellar than meets the eye. Without proper consideration to maintaining the right storage environment, hundred of bottles of your prized wine will be set up to spoil and go to ruin.

Wine Cellar Construction

Climate control

Of utmost importance when renovating a wine cellar is ensuring proper climate control systems. Underground areas in Australia are actually prone to overheating. No matter if under or above ground, a proper climate control system for your wine cellar is crucial to maintain the wine temperature at an around the ideal 14 degrees Celsius.

Humidity also has to be accounted for. Too low and corks will dry out, allowing the air in to oxidise the wine. Too high and unwanted mold can occur.

A cooling system is usually adjoined to your wine cellar from a nearby room that acts to circulate cool air in exchange for warmer humid air in the cellar.

Wine cellar entrance

To ensure the climate within the cellar is properly maintained, an entrance door usually needs to provide an airtight seal. Speak to our consultants about the best option for you, based on your unique setting, climate and aesthetic preference.

Proper lighting

Too much light can produce excessive amounts of heat, which as mentioned above is counterproductive to proper wine maintenance. The type of light is also important, with cool LED light being the best option. Our team at Bushewood Building Company can assist you with the correct lighting solutions to give you the ambience you need without risking your precious collection.

Cellar Renovations

Insulation is key

As mentioned above, underground cellar renovations in Perth can be prone to excessive humidity. As part of our renovation process, we take care to install proper insulation that acts as a vapour barrier between the cellar walls and the outside world.

Proper insulation reduces the energy demands of your climate control system, allowing significant cost savings as well.

Furnishings & displays

What is the benefit of a wine collection and cellar without the proper means to organise and display the wine. We have a wide range of racking and display options available for your collection.

We can also custom build a display unique to your home. Impress your friends and family when they enter your cellar to find a display they have never come across before.

Cellar Renovations Perth

Cellar renovations – free quote

For more information about wine cellar renovations, and for a free no-obligation site inspection and quote, contact us by phone or using the contact form below.

We can also assist with and other home renovations you may have planned.