Have you got an old red brick house from the 70’s or 80’s that’s in need of a makeover? Or perhaps your home’s exterior has just suffered a beating under the Australian sun and needs a refresher? Whatever the case, Bushewood Building Company can help with a modern house facade makeover in Perth.

House facade renovation

House facade makeover ideas

Many houses these days suffer from a flat front facade which makes them look ordinary and easily forgettable. When it comes to making the front of your house look good, some popular exterior renovation ideas include:

1. A splash of colour

Adding a new colour scheme can help to provide contrast. By going with a light colour for the trim and a dark colour for the main siding, or vice versa, you can instantly create depth and a pleasing aesthetic.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even consider a bold feature colour for the front door or window trim.

2. Return a home to it’s period styling

Like the rustic charm of a bygone era? Consider transforming your home’s exterior into a heritage home look alike. Victorian style picket or cast iron fencing, intricate lacework, timber brackets, decorative brickwork or double hung windows might be in order.

There are many custom home styles to choose from, so talk to our consultants about choosing the right exterior look you are after.

3. It’s all in the rendering

Some of the red brick house exteriors of the past can look unsightly today. A relatively inexpensive fix is to apply rendering. By rendering, you can also apply a range of modern textures. Nothing brings an old home into the modern era better than rendering.

4. Decking for the win

An easy way to eliminate a flat house design is by making it 3D with front decking, porch or verandah. This is a particularly good choice if you have a large front yard area.

Bushewood building company are experts at all things outdoor decking. This includes custom solutions for sloping or undulating land, where we can install a raised deck with deck supports or concrete stumps.

5. Going green

Building and construction aside, an attractive house facade makeover is only complete when it incorporates attractive front landscaping. Lush green lawn and complimentary foliage can really add another dimension to the other upgrades.

6. Secure the perimeter

A front fence of some kind not only adds to value and appeal but its also functional. By enclosing the front yard space you free up an additional area than can be used for entertaining, outdoor dining, a pool or just a place for the kids to play safely away from the road.

The style and colour of fencing should be chosen carefully so that it compliments the upgrade you perform on the house front itself.

7. Dress it up

If you’re truly after that final piece that can make a house exterior pop, then consider the small touches.

Some ways you can stand out from the rest for minimal cost include:

  • plants, pots and garden beds
  • new house, porch and garden lighting
  • polished house numbering
  • outdoor furniture
  • painting the roof
  • replacing the letter box
  • adding privacy screens
  • changing the windows
  • using shutters or slats (vs curtains which can form a solid one dimensional wall)
Home exterior remodel

For more ideas or to get your house facade makeover underway contact the team here at Bushewood Building Company. We offer a free site visit and no-obligation quote for your next renovation project.