An alfresco extension is the perfect transitional space between the indoors and outdoors of a home. It is often complete with blinds and enclosures, lighting, cooling and an outdoor kitchen or bbq area.

A stunning alfresco can be a year round outdoor room that also serves as an entertaining area for guests. They usually feature the ability to convert from being open on fair weather days, to being enclosed to block the rain or wind.

Alfresco meaning

Compared to a patio, which is an addition attached to a house, an alfresco area exists under the same roof structure. Its essentially an outdoor room which can be opened or closed off to the elements.

Alfresco extension ideas

Alfrescos Perth

An alfresco extension can have a number of uses, including:

The ceiling

A modern alfresco extension needs a stylish ceiling. Bushewood builders can created an artisan ceiling unique to your home. Some of the more common ceilings we have built include timber ceilings and plasterboard ceilings.

At night time, or on overcast days, alfresco lighting really comes into it’s own. Downlights are the most popular choice, but really what we can install is only limited by your imagination.

Alfresco Extensions Ceiling

The flooring

The second element to consider would be the type of flooring. Given alfresco areas are often intermediary spaces between the indoors and outdoors, a good multi-purpose flooring that is easy to clean is often the best choice here. Common options include concrete, tiles or paved flooring.

In areas that adjoin the pool, also consider anti-slip surfaces to prevent accidents.

Enclosing an alfresco area

Alfresco area

When it comes to enclosing an alfresco area there are many different options. By far the most common choice by homeowners is to have an option that is convertible. On fine weather days you want to open the space right up to the natural light and fresh air.

Here large glass windows, French doors, foldable doors on rails, blinds or shutters work well. However, there are many choices, so speak with one of our consultants to for a complete list of options.

Alfresco extension cost

The cost of an alfresco area can vary widely depending on the size and the materials used. For an accurate idea of your next alfresco project’s costs, why not contact us for a free no-obligation quote.