When it comes to creating more space in your home, one of the most critical choices to make is the type of roof extension you will need. The right choice of roof and roofing materials can add both style and functionality, affecting the natural thermodynamics and energy efficiency of your home.

Not only that, but you can even use the roof space to create a separate living area, whether it be a loft or attic conversion, or even a rooftop garden.

Roof extension

Roof extension types

Below are some of the more common types of roof extensions types to choose from:

Gable roof extension

Gable roof extension

A gable roof extension is probably the most versatile of roof choices. It consists of an elevated peak with two sloping sides. It allows for roof space than can be used as an attic or loft if desired.

A gable roof is often used in conjunction with a hipped roof to form what is known as a hip and gable roof. A hipped roof is an adjoining section of roof that has three or more sloping sides from an apex. This combination gives off a lot of shade and are extremely sturdy.

Pitched roof extension

Pitched roof extension

A pitched roof allows for extra height when compared to a gable. It has steeper side slopes which often incorporate windows or dormers to let the light into an interior living space, such as a loft conversion.

Skillion roof extension

A skillion roof is a roof that has one consistent incline along its entire length. There is no central peak on a skillion roof. Traditionally use for patios and sheds, this design is becoming more popular recently in main house design in house extensions in Perth.

This is in part because a skillion roof is relatively cost effective and easy to construct. It allows for efficient water run off as well as placement of solar panels or skylights.

Bushewood roof carpenters

Roof carpenters Perth

No matter which choice of house roof extension design you choose, you need the service of trusted and reliable roof carpenters. At Bushewood Building Company all of our builders are accredited house carpenters by trade. We are true artisans when it comes to all things wood and timber frames.

Extending a roof

Not only can we help with construction of new homes and a new roof, we can also extend an existing one. This includes extending a gable roof, a roof over a patio or even a verandah extension.

No matter what roofing needs you have, contact our Perth carpentry and building specialists at Bushewood Building Company. We offer free quotes for your next project.