As your family grows and expands, you may need more room. If you love your current location and don’t want to go through the hassle of relocating to a new area, then single storey extensions may be right for you.  A single storey extension works especially well if you have a large block with room to spread out sideways. If you are on a smaller block on the other hand, you may wish to consider a double storey extension.

At Bushewood Building Company, we are skilled artisan builders who can help you to create modern single storey house extensions to suit your unique needs.

Single storey extension ideas

There are many single storey extension ideas and designs you can choose from. Some common locations for an extensions and their uses include:

Front Extensions

If your house is situated at the rear of your property, then a front single storey extension might be for you. When considering a front extension, be mindful of the appearance it will have from the street. Out of all of the single story extensions, a front extension has the biggest affect on the overall curb appeal of your home.

Front extensions can be useful for adding large entranceways or front porch to your property. Other common uses include bedrooms or lounge rooms.

A spacious front of house addition can also free up room inside the current space by allowing you to shift rooms further forward.

When considering a front extension, bear in mind things such as privacy and road noise. Large open windows may not be the best option for this type of extension. Double glazed windows could be considered.

Front extensions

Side Extensions

A single storey side extension is a popular choice, particularly when it comes to adding bedrooms. Side extensions can be a great idea for incorporating built in robes, walk ins, ensuites, or sitting areas.

Be sure to consider adequate clearance from the fence on either side of your property for this type of extension.

Single storey extension

Rear Extensions

Rear single storey extensions really come into their own for areas such as kitchens, sunrooms or dining areas. Particularly if you have a large backyard or a scenic view, a rear extension can add a lot of space and light, by bringing the outside in. In this type of extension, large open windows and French doors can create beautiful open plan living spaces for your family to enjoy.

Sometimes, the backyard is the only additional space you may have to sacrifice for an extension. It is a convenient spot to place an additional bedroom or even stand alone granny flat.

Rear Extensions

Wrap Around Extensions

If you’ve got the space, then adding a single-story wraparound extension is a great way of adding overall space to every area of the house. A wraparound can also be considered for large sweeping verandahs and outdoor living areas. Large Australian homestead style homes are the perfect example of wrap around extensions being put to good use.

Single storey extension plans & planning permission

Bushewood Building Company will conduct an initial site visit and consultation with you. We’ll discuss your single storey extension plans and ideas, as well as assess the proposed site of construction.

We’ll inspect the layout of your site and give thought to soil type, topography, the depth of foundations required and more.

If needed, we can work with your current architect or draftsman, or recommend one for you.

Depending on the type of extension, planning permission may be needed and we can assist with this process also.

Single floor extension costs

Single storey extension costs can vary widely depending on the type and size of the extension and the materials used.

An important part of the initial consultation process will be discussing these costs with you as well as the cost of any building permits required and any subcontractors needed.

At Bushewood Building Company we pride ourselves on being open and transparent with our clients. We construct single storey extensions in Perth that are high quality, on time and on budget.

At the end of the day, we want you to be ecstatic with the new single floor extensions we’ve built for you.

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