Knock down rebuilds are an exciting alternative to moving home or undertaking major home renovations or house extensions. It’s essentially demolishing the existing home structure so that you have a blank canvas to construct the home of your dreams. All of this, in the same location and neighbourhood you love.

Knock down rebuilds are also part of subdividing or splitting your property into two new homes, one to live in and one to sell.

The process for a knock down rebuild can be a very different one to a new home build however. Demolitions, planning, new home design and construction are all parts of the process.

Knock down rebuild home builders

At Bushewood Building Company we’ll walk you through the entire process, making it a less stressful and more enjoyable experience. We are experienced knock down rebuild home builders in Perth and country Western Australia.

Knock down rebuilds Perth

The knock down rebuild process

Step 1. Free no-obligation site assessment & consultation

A Bushewood site manager will visit your existing home to assess the layout of the land and discuss with you your plans and ideas. We’ll go over potential suitable designs and discuss your budget for the build.

We’ll lay a solid foundation to work with your architect or draftsman to begin the drawing up of plans.

Step 2. Your design

Most of our clients use their own architect or drafstman. However, if you do not have one we can recommend one for you. During this phase of the process, we’ll work closely with you and the architect to meld all of the ideas into a working plan for your build.

Factors to consider during this process are the layout of the land, local council regulation, neighbouring properties including privacy restrictions, soil type, bush fire ratings, drainage, trees, retaining walls and many other factors.

Step 3. Planning approvals

Once concept plans are signed off on by you, they are submitted to the local council for approval. Any objections or amendments are worked out with you. If any changes to the budget are required because of these changes, these are discussed at this time also.

Step 4. Contract & permits

After planning approval, we finalise the designs and contracts. We’ll organise with you any deposits and funds required. Following this, a building permit is applied for. Once the council has granted the building permit and finance is confirmed, we’ll order materials and set a build start date.

If you are currently living in the house, you will need to arrange a temporary relocation or rental property for your family during the construction process.

Step 5. Knock down rebuilds begin

The day has finally arrived! Work begins on building your new home. We’ll keep you update throughout the entire process. We pride ourselves on open, honest and transparent communication. In the end, we want you to be happy with the new home you get to live in.

Step 6. Review & handover

Once work is complete, we’ll do a complete walkthrough and review of the build with you. We’ll finalise payments, sign contacts and finish the handover process for your brand new home!