For eons people have been fascinated with gathering around a fire with family and friends to share a story, a laugh, food, drink and good times. A fire pit can range from a simple flat area of gravel with a rustic fire bowl to a complete sunken fire pit area with custom seating.

At Bushewood Building Company we can help to create the fire pit entertaining area of your dreams. You’ll love having friends over on the weekend just to show it off.

Firepit entertaining area

Firepit seating area

A sunken fire pits area creates a stunning visual feature in any backyard. Seating around the perimeter can be constructed with either outdoor timber decking, stone or polished concrete. As is, this sort of seating is heavy duty and able to stand up well to the elements.

If you want to make that area a little more cosy and inviting, you can add some outdoor cushions and lounge pads.

Sunken fire pit area

Firepit area floor

The floor of the firepit and immediate firepit border itself should obviously be heat resistant. Pebbles, stone, pavers, gravel, slate, decomposed granite all make a good base for a firepit.

Surrounding seating area flooring and stairs look great in timber decking. For a more rustic look, sandstone or polished concrete are also great choices.

Fire pit area

Other features

What takes a fire pit area to the next level is the additional features. Proper lighting can add a gentle background to the light already given off from the fire itself.

Why not go all out and include a bar fridge, sink and taps, sound system, outdoor kitchen and bar as well.

They sky’s the limit when it comes to your fire pit area ideas. Whatever you have in mind, trust Bushewood Building Company to bring your ideas to life.

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Firepit seating area