A verandah usually wraps around a home, providing a covered awning space to walk, sit or enjoy the view surrounding your property. For larger entertaining areas, be sure to check out our page about patio renovations.

Verandahs not only provide extra outdoor space, but they also help to shelter your home from the weather. For example, they help to keep rain off of people as they are entering and exiting the house. In addition, they can shade the side of the home to prevent excessive heat build up during summer months.

While for small vernadah projects you may attempt a DIY, for larger projects it’s important to engage the service of an experienced verandah builder, such as Bushewood Building Company.

Verandah builders in Perth

Bushewood takes the stress out of building your next verandah or awning. We assist with everything from planning, approval, site works, construction and maintenance.

We’ll ensure your project receives the correct local council approvals and help to apply for a building permit where required.

When you have uneven or hilly terrain we can also assist by conducting any heavy earthworks necessary and by installing any necessary support poles for the subframe of your outdoor decking area.

With a wide range of natural timbers, concrete, steel or stone to choose from, we can cater to any ideas you have for your outdoor verandah.

We service all of WA

Not only do we service the Perth metropolitan area, we also travel to all rural and remote areas of Western Australia. No matter where you live in this great state, be sure to chat to us about all of your home renovations needs.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote and to discuss your verandah ideas.