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At Bushewood Building Company, all of our builders are qualified carpenters and joiners by trade. With decades of combined experience as refurbishment carpenters we can help you with any timber work such as:

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Custom carpentry

Have an unusual project that you need some custom carpentry work for? No problem! Our carpenters in Perth can build anything from bird aviaries to timber garden paths, gazebos, boat houses and more.

Check out our carpenters constructing custom louvres for our lake gazebo project:

We even mill our own timber

We love working with wood so much that we even have machinery that helps us to mill some of our own timber! We can make that perfect custom piece from any timber type you choose.

Why choose Bushewood refurbishment carpenters?

With a passion for carpentry, we pride ourselves on using tried and true traditional carpentry skills, with no shortcuts. As a result, our projects are built to last and able to withstand the harsh Australian climate. Even under heavy use our constructions won’t bow, warp, bend or break.

For example, we still notch in our timber studs to the top and bottom plate. This is a practice that faded out in the industry in the 1980’s. Nowadays, most of the time these studs would just be butted against the plates and nailed in. But not here at Bushewood. By taking the extra time and care to notch in our studs, it prevents warping and twisting, ensuring the best long-lasting result.

Refurbishment Carpenters Perth

If you have carpentry work that you want built right and built to last, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.