If you don’t have the budget or space for a complete home extension, a great alternative may be room conversions. Reclaim existing space within your home that may currently be going to waste.

A room conversion is a great option for creating space for an expanding family. It may be growing children needing their own space, grandparents who need a place to stay, or even just a spare guest room.

Room conversion options

Some of the existing spaces in a home that may be able to be converted into extra rooms include the garage, carport, attic or loft.

Don’t let junk and cobwebs occupy these spaces and cause them to go to waste. Use them to give a growing family member or relative their own space.

Alternatively, why not turn one of these spaces into a home gym, office or art studio?

Select from the different types of room conversions below to find out more:

The difference between attic and loft conversions

Attics and lofts are usually fairly synonymous. However, we refer to attics as fully enclosed levels within the home. Whereas lofts are usually a partially enclosed level with a balcony or view of the floor below.

Loft conversions can also be separately installed new floors in existing rooms with high ceilings.