If your home has a large enough roof space or an existing attic, then you already have the perfect space to create an extra room, via an attic conversion, without the need for a separate house extension.

Attic conversions can transform your dusty roof space into an extra bedroom, an office, a home gym, a studio, teenager retreat or just simply for better storage.

Beside the improved functionality that an attic conversion provides, it can also add significantly to the value of your property. Particularly when done right by an artisan builder such as Bushewood Building Company.

Our Bushewood builders are skilled carpenters by trade that are renowned for their ability to create custom construction projects that surprise and amaze clients. When it comes to attic conversion in Perth, we can’t be beat.

We can assess your current home to see if your attic or roof space is suitable for a conversion. Not all homes have the structural requirements to support such a conversion, including height restrictions (usually 2.2metres) or insufficient load bearing capacities of your trusses, rafters and floor joists.

Lifting a roof or altering the pitch angle are potential solutions where current height clearances are inadequate.

There are also a number of local council regulations you will need to abide by, and planning permits you will need approval for before undertaking such a task. But never fear, Bushewood Building Company can aid in walking you through this process, along with your architect, so that you can end up with the attic conversion of your dreams.

If you are planning to use your attic simply for storage with a ladder access, then council approval may not be needed. Be sure to check with the council in our particular area to see what regulations apply.

To discuss your attic renovation plans, and to assess the state of your current home to support such an undertaking, contact Bushewood Building Company today.