Carport to garage conversions are a great way of adding security for your vehicles (and lowering your car insurance premiums), providing better protection from the elements, and also a great way of creating extra storage room within the house. A garage can also add to the value of your home, more than any carport can.

At a later point you can even undertake a garage conversion if you wish, which can turn the garage into a habitable space such as a granny flat, home gym or office.

Carport to garage conversion

But before you plan your carport to garage conversions, it’s important to enlist the services of a qualified carport conversion builder in Perth, such as Bushewood Building Company.

That’s mainly because there are a number of local government regulations which you have to abide by. Not only that, but proper foundations are needed, along with interior cladding and insulation, proper flooring and often a roof upgrade.

All in all, converting a carport can often be cheaper than tearing it down and building a garage from scratch.

Contact us here at Bushewood Building Company for a free quote for your carport conversion. We’re expert builders who can blend in your garage upgrade with your existing home.

Carport conversion Perth